Helen Hunt in front of a microphone with arms gesturing outward.

What Women Want, I Assume

On May 25th, 2016 in I Assume

Mel Gibson is in charge of an advertising firm. He runs his company with an iron, and extremely gender normative, first.

This of course, makes it difficult for the women.  They call HR and arrange a meeting with Mel Gibson to discuss their demands to have their basic needs met.

Mel Gibson initially refuses, but then he gets electrocuted in the bath with a new-fangled electric razor while complaining about how it will never get as close as a straight blade razor and dies.

Helen Hunt is promoted into his job  and the office’s policy towards women is radically revised and all their earlier demands are met or exceeded.

The advertising firm is used as for case studies in female-friendly work spaces and think pieces alike for years to come.