Useful Phrases To Program In Your Car’s Quick Messages

On October 19th, 2016 in Lists

I cannot respond as I am currently driving in a controlled and responsible fashion and not being airlifted out of the shoulder so I will text you when I park, Mom.

I am almost home you better not have started Netflixing without me.

I’d like to order the number 14 with sides 3 and 7 for delivery. Meet you on the curb as usual, thank you.

My song just came up on my playlist. I will be inside in 4 minutes.

I cannot respond as I am currently driving through tears after listening to a beautifully reported podcast on the human struggle.

Dad my engine is asking for a check again can you write one out?

The cops are out so I have to go the speed limit and will accordingly be about ten minutes late

Yea lol. Oh, while you’re here, do you also constantly think about how our qualifications to drive are barely tested and all they give us is a strip of cloth to keep safe?

I cannot respond as I driving while NAILING my performance of Angelica Schuyler in  “Satisfied”.