Times I Finally Understood Quantum Mechanics

On March 30th, 2016 in Humor

The time someone a few rows up on the bus was arguing about organic labeling and I both wanted and didn’t want to be there.

The way too early morning before a trip when I simultaneously burrow into my bed and spring out of it.

Watching House of Cards and recognizing the Underwoods are near objectively terrible people, but wanting them to crush everyone and leave nothing but a wake of destruction and despair on their climb to the top.

When I was given the opportunity to teach a course and I realized the semesters are both long and exhausting and not long enough to fit in all the course material

3:00AM on a Saturday morning after several drinks.

When I hate driving (always) but the parkway feels like home.

When the outside is full of gross things myself and the rest of humanity has spent our entire lives trying to keep away from us but it still feels really nice to just be there.

Any time I play with cats.