Down At The Jersey Were

On May 24th, 2016 in Quibbles

Gif sweeping over shallow ocean, stairs leading into, and the remaining tenth or so of accessible beach.

The other day I went to the beach with Mom. It is a fraction of what it once was. At first I thought it was an impressively high tide, as it was reported to be an atypically high tide for the east coast that weekend. But, when I checked the tide tables it was peak low-tide, and looking around I could see the high tide marks in the sand and surrounding structures.

As I looked around beyond what was left of the beach, there were some very nice houses.  Typical beach houses: some ranches, some several stories high, all decorated from what Pier 1 has designated as ideal shore aesthetic.

Nothing is static and everything changes, but shore areas are particularly unstable.  With the full force of the sea behind their ever changing landscape it seems foolish to ignore this in the best of times, but especially in the face more frequent extreme weather events and climate change.

It is getting harder to ignore the coming changes and challenges, and, indeed, some already see it for what it is; the “For Sale” signs and empty lot where a house used to stand belie the well curated lies.