Snaps I Want To See From FLOTUS

On June 22nd, 2016 in Snapchat


Now, maybe you think it is fundamentally flawed to love a politician for their fire tweets, and that their commodification of social media for political capital is just disgusting in general. Well, reader, I would agree with you to a large extent: capitalism is bad, social media is bad, politics are bad. Everything is bad.

But, also? I find it intractably exhausting to be overly critical and suspicious all the time and I have still not recovered from her, “turnip for what?” vine. So, you bet to heck I am looking forward to some ace snaps.

Gratuitous use of 1 second snaps of arched eyebrows.

Face swaps with Barack.

Which filter she uses in in the Roosevelt Room.

What landscapes she slowly pans her phone across to show off to all her friends.

Snaps of her and the Queen of England using that dog face filter

Emoji faces superimposed on fancy statues around the White House.

Whether she uses the crash zoom as much as I do.

Funny art captions of very fancy White House paintings.

More vegetable puns.