A butler pooring wine for a man and woman seated on a couch while another woman looks over her shoulder from the bar.

Signs You Are About To Be Murdered As A Plot Device

On May 26th, 2016 in Humor

You receive dinner invitations from unnamed hosts, and think, “Why not?”

You are the last one filing in to any building more than a hundred years old.

You live in a town of less than 1000 people and this is the first time you are meeting the detective, probably because someone you know has already died.

You are missing a last name and/or a first name, which has been replaced with a nickname.

You are not a straight white man.

You decided to get away from it all with a train trip. When you finally board there is a amateur sleuth on board.

You are the smart one in the group and have figured out the problem even though it’s only page 125.

You are an eccentric scientist or wise pastor with 2-3 teenage kids, the youngest of whom has crippling social anxiety which renders them mute or is extremely aggressive.

You live in a small backwater town with a ward who’s ambition is too big for this place.