A woman leans on a table patiently waiting to barter with a man surely about to undercut her.

Selling Feelings In Trade Chat

On August 15th, 2016 in Humor

WTS moral compass. Excellent condition, only slightly marred by doubt.

WTS the feeling of a gentle breeze on a sunny afternoon when you felt so sure your problems could wait one more day.

WTB a bundle of self-assuredness to get through a small-midsized project.

WTS a deep doubtful gaze into their eyes that you didn’t realize would be your last.

WTS hopes and dreams, heavily worn, still useable, just not by me.

WTB the intimacy of catching up over drinks with a close friend who keeps you so busy talking you forget what you even ordered.

WTB the crisp bite of stepping into the first true autumn night, where you miss what’s gone but are excited for the change of pace.

WTS the the burden of compulsive self-martyrdom.

WTS large coin purse, room for 5000g, and several dozen stories acquired from being passed along through several loved ones.