Anub'arak from Heroes of the Storm

Reasons Anub’arak Is 100% Without A Doubt Gay

On February 23rd, 2016 in LGBT

Anub’arak is one hundred percent, without a doubt, gay, even though the canon won’t admit it. There is nothing casting a single fraction of a shadow of a doubt in my mind. I know it in my heart to be true. I feel it in my bones.

He is a servant, not by choice, but by circumstance. His master is demanding, cold, and distance. (Un)Life is difficult, but, by Nerub, he is going to work hard. And he does. And he is great at his job. What I’m trying to say is: he is a closeted gay butler in a period piece trapped in a carapace.

His most trusted commander was known as “the perverse nerubian”? Come ooooon:

  1. Anytime someone has a “military buddy” that is queer coding for “lovers “
  2. “Perverse” is also also coding, obviously

He has an in-game quote, “Every King must know how to dance.” MUST THEY? That is definitely not a thing. It is 100% his defensive, clearly off the cuff, response after someone makes a mean observation about his masculinity and love of ballroom dancing

Do I even need to point out how modulated his voice is? And how that is obviously him trying way too hard to pass? Good.

Did you know that beetles have more gay sex when there are no females around? Well, they do, and, like every other video game, World of Warcraft has a dearth of women. The math does itself, which is good because Anub’arak is busying doing his military boyfriend.

And just look at the way he walks. Never judge people’s sexuality based on their physicality, but look at him. Look at those beetle tibia bouncing daintly. “But wait,” you say, “probably that’s joint decay from being undead, or, I dunno, just how beetles work?” Don’t be absurd!  That is the graceful amble not of a king but a QUEEN. In death he has found the freedom to truly be himself, and he is SLAYING.