Marsha Johnson holding a protest sign that says "Power to the People"

Highly Qualified Protest Statements

On December 14th, 2016 in Humor

Small government is good government! But not too small! Just small enough that it can provide important social services without being hamstrung!

Libertarianism for all! Let everyone take their destiny into their own hands! Hands lent strength and guidance by a strong legal system of peer-hands to prevent any one person’s hands from breaking someone else’s. Yea!

Down with taxes! No more taxes! Except maybe for public education so my neighbors aren’t taken up by a mob mentality every time they have strong feelings. Also, roads are nice too, I guess.

This politician is OBJECTIVELY bad! Sorry! I meant SUBJECTIVELY! I disagree with them based a series of recorded facts but even those are processed primarily through my own experiences. They might be okay! But I’m still not going to vote for them I don’t think. Maybe they’ll change my mind though! I’ll try and stay open to it!

This government is corrupt! I want you gone! But thankfully even if my actions today don’t lead to legal action I live in a country in which you will be gone in 4-8 years regardless! So I probably won’t burn anything down! I’ll just wait it out!

Free healthcare for everyone! I actually have no problem with this one! But, I understand nothing is free and doctors deserve to be compensated for their skill and that has to come from somewhere but I am okay giving up some of my income for price control. Reasonably priced healthcare for everyone! Woo!