A landscape in monochrome, indecisively idyllic and unpleasant.

Promised Land

On August 2nd, 2016 in Quibbles

They said it was impossible but I’ve done it.

I’ve slogged through an endless onslaught and plumbed the depth and final reach bottom. It’s right there. I can see it. I can touch it.

Spread out before me like Paradise. Drowning in sunlight and the faint breeze like the summer air brushing away concerns over the future and anxieties of the past.

It took weeks of preparation and long hours of solitude trudging with only my thoughts for company and a singular goal in mind.

The work was worth it though, for what was there is now here. What seemed insurmountable has been mounted. The innumerable has been numerated. Nay abolished! For I have reached inbox zero.

Look around and take it in. The glory of nothing unread and unresponded too. Nothing marked important or awkwardly bundled as a makeshift to do list.

Listen: do you hear that? Singing across the landscape? The sound of bliss and harmony. Like an angel’s notification alert.

Notification alert?

No. No!

The clouds have rolled in and the and the winds in a fury whip up the dirt and debris which lash at my face.

Was it a mirage? A hallucination of exhaustion?

Perhaps this was a fool’s errand all along.

No. I won’t believe they’re right just yet. Still I must carry on, seeking out that elusive inbox zero.