Clinton and Trump singing a duet at the second national debate.

Presidential Debate Facts 2016

On October 24th, 2016 in Humor

Last week in the US we had our third and (thank God) final presidential debate. It was very informative and I want to share some debate night facts I learned with you.

Hillary Clinton once traveled through a desert and her white outfit didn’t get a single shade darker.

Mars is called the ‘Red Planet’ because it reflects the orange glow from Trump. Due to the extreme distance the Doppler effect causes it to appear a lower frequency red color.

Trump prepares for the debates by listening to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” on repeat.

Trump has never been quoted as saying anything. Any attempts to quote him end up mysteriously replaced with scorch marks and burn holes.

Hillary Clinton once ended a war by defeating several heads of state in a hot sauce eating competition.

Obama hand crafted ISIS out of reclaimed driftwood whenever he had a few moments here or there, like on the weekends and stuff.

Donald Trump has never had a hoagie: his hands are too tiny to hold them.

Millions were held up at check out this evening as cashiers were unable to issue receipts, since Hillary brought them all to the debate.

America was great exactly once: when a dog snuggled with a quail on a river bank in 1873.

Hillary once used her intensely concentrated stare to help a jeweler with an engraving when his laser etcher broke.

Truly illuminating; democracy is a gift and a privilege we should never forget to cherish.