Pokemon Snapchat

On August 24th, 2016 in Snapchat

I found some of my brother’s and mine old Pokémon cards and it was a good time.

A Cubone looking at the night sky with a tear in its eye. Caption reads: When you're determined to make failure the first step on the journey to success.

A Slowpoke in a non-descript field. Caption reads: When someone starts explaining how they're just words and people need thicker sk

An Abra on a steeple. Caption reads: When ur crush walks in but ur too shy so u teleport away n hide on the roof".

An Eevee chases a butterfly through a field. Caption reads: When Things don't go you're way but it's okay because you don't need validation.

A stylized more roughly drawn Slowpoke drooling in a puddle. Caption reads: and besides institutional bias isn't even a thing if someone doesn't succeed it's b

A Farfetch'd. Caption reads; When u get ready to go out for th enight and ur outfit is on leek.