A sloth hanging on a rope eating, has its food stolen by a small monkey.

The Parable Of The Monkey And The Sloth

On May 18th, 2016 in Quibbles

Let’s talk about this gif.

MY HEART, I gasp hoarsely after seeing it. At the sloth’s palpable shock and disappointment. At the craning neck with jaw agape and at the pathetic attempt to grab back what was stolen.

That sloth is me and I am that sloth. This is every time something I have loved or worked towards was snatched away from me.

It is every sibling rivalry ever in which I have played, admittedly, both the monkey and the sloth.

It is the harsh fact of existence. That you must do what is necessary to survive but that doing so often means causing others harms. Is it possible to meet your needs, to thrive, without giving into our worst selves?

Let us reflect on the these mysteries and glean what lessons we can from from our furry and moss-ridden friends.