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I’m Out Of Ideas

On July 26th, 2016 in Quibbles

I’m out of ideas. I have nothing left. I reach for something knew but come up with only stale and empty air.

They say that everything has already been said and written and that is good because I have nothing to contribute.

No snake eyed buffalo, or frantic towers of ivory overlooking lakes of frozen mercury.

I have nothing to say about a woman reaching for her puppy with 3 legs to pull on a one armed sweater she carefully knit for it.

And I wish I could think of any of  the spells a sorceress might cast.

A love potion for a friend that makes the drinker blind in devotion as well as sight.

Or a ritual of binding to imprison her nemesis, prepared after months of collecting obscure ingredients (herbwart roots, cloud rat snares, and the hunchback of a devil digger).

Or an enchanted kill-free feast for a rare evening in with her forest friends where the tree gnomes stage a dinner murder mystery.

Or… or.. anything, but nothing comes to mind.

They say just write what you know. Well, I know enough to know I know nothing, so what kind of advice is that?

I know nothing of space travel and the  quantum faraday generators, or warp destabilizing inverters required to facilitate the Hubble-Fields required for traversable tesseracts.

I would write about a sea captain torn between the call of the unknown and the laughter of his children at home, who, unable to reconcile the inner conflict, avoids the question with a drink and a visit to his first mate’s bunk, if I only knew where to start.

Since that’s the case I guess I’m done. They’ll be no more writing for me.

No more drunken twins making up and crying promises to never to let things so bad again over a whiskey and a scotch after an entire weekend of not talking.

No more melted Barbie dolls whispering the prophecies of failed tomorrow with one unblinking eye on you.

No more children in a field staring at the great expanse of grass bending beneath the breeze, grabbing each other’s hand, uncertain of the future but content with the present moment.

No more anything at all.

Argh, why do I even have this useless brain!