A painting of the most well dressed working class frenchmen I have ever seen.

On Working Hard

On August 3rd, 2016 in Quibbles

Take the road less travelled. Push branches starting to get heavy with age out of your way, until you reach the end.

Forge your own path hacking at the undergrowth. Kick away the rocks and wonder if you made a wrong turn.

Remember there are no turns to be wrong, and confidently take the turn ahead of you and ford the river, climb some boulders and get lost in a cave. Pass through a charming glade and trip on a branch. Pull yourself up and realize you are back at the beginning.

Follow the road less travelled to the end and begin your path again trying not to make any wrong turns.

You have a Puritan work ethic, a Quaker’s craftsmanship, the business savvy of a southerner, and the far off dreams of an imperial power. Develop the fundamentals and build a nation of your work. Then throw everything away except what you learned and build something new that breaks all the rules, no one likes a fundamentalist.

Burn the candle at both ends. Just light that sucker on fire with midnight oil until it’s just a burning mess of wax so you can maybe catch a glimpse of what the heck you’re doing.

Whistle while you work. Modulate the pitch up slowly as you go through several iterations. Sit in silence not even breathing while you wait for feedback. Scream endlessly through edits. Sing a song at completion and carry the tune with you to whistle while you work.

Put your nose the grindstone. Press it up against the coarse rock until it tears away a strip of skin. Then tilt your head into until it grinds away the bones in your skull so you can finally release the ideas rattling around inside your head.