These Nuns Just Want To Help God With Marketing

On November 21st, 2016 in Humor

Nun in brown habit and cloak outstretches arms and cocks head sideways while looking upwards.

Well, God, don’t You get mad at me because You don’t like the Google Analytic numbers on communion.

Another nun in a black habit and blue frock looks upward while extending her left hand palm upward as if explaining something.

Young demos are especially sensitive to ads, we need more seamless integration in church bulletins if we want to maintain revenue and avoid alienating prospectives.

Nun in habit with orange crosses points at an open book.

It’s been 2000 years since we’ve updated our marketing material. Well, will You at least look at my draft re-branding strategy?

Nun in black habit and blue front gently rubs hands while looking at the ground.

No, I know You’ve said You don’t want to do a sponsored feast day. I just thought- But we could- If You would- Fine. Forget it. I’m sorry I said anything.

A nun in all white meekly touches finger tips together while staring at the ground to avoid eye contact.

Uhm. Sorry. Yes, also, not to harp on another old action item, but we should really address the self-competition issue we’ve been having since the Great Schism. Sorry, You’re right, not the time.

Nun in all black clutches a rosary while staring ahead and trying not to have an expression on her face.

What do I think? Oh I dunno. Kinda putting me on the spot. Lots of good points on both sides. Both from them and You. But, maybe more them. I just, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try some A/B testing, Yanno?

Nun in black frock and white habit stares into the middle distance with hand over heart.
Look the fiery bush was revolutionary marketing for its time, but the Almighty needs to stop resting on Their laurels. Yes, I am aware They’re omniscient, I didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say if they’d stop cutting me off in meetings.