Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brushes hair out of her face looking like your business is not worth her time.

I Hope Hillary

On June 21st, 2016 in Humor

I hope Hillary replaces every painting in the white house with one by Georgia O’Keeffe.

I hope she projects the all female Ghostbusters reboot on the side of the White House 24/7 for the duration of her presidency.

I hope on the other side of the White House she streams The First Wive’s Club.

I hope she makes a pink room full of doilies and disgustingly cute fabric and makes every man who ever made a joke about women and the color pink because they are clearly afraid of power sit through all their meetings in it.

I hope every time she walks into a room or answers a question and someone says “Madam President,” she mugs to the camera and says “Madam? Isn’t that a nice change”.

I hope she vetoes every piece of legislation that would restrict women’s reproductive rights with her gynecologist standing next to her wearing a matching blood-red dress.

I hope she passes an executive order allowing drone strikes on manspreaders and mansplainers.

I hope she nominates Beyoncé to the Supreme Court.

I hope every time someone references the “Red Scare” she pretends to misinterpret it as a period joke and makes them apologies profusely for it.

I hope she coolly responds “That’s, ‘well, actually, Ms. President’, to you.” to a man at least twice a day.

I hope she puts a giant vagina in the National Mall across from Washington’s dick.