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I Have a Few Quibbles

On February 8th, 2016 in Quibbles

This garbage bag of meat and bones I was assigned at birth has done nothing but betray me since the day I got it  and I would like to exchange it or at least speak to a manager or something.

I tried something new and I put in an earnest effort but it still turned out subpar, so I would like to speak to your department head, please.

What’s the number for your HR department? Well, I was working earnestly and feeling good about myself, but then I looked up and the sun had set and the sense of accomplishment immediately vanished. So, if you could please just give me the number or transfer me, or whatever.

I did the same thing Philip did but less people were around and now he is getting more attention than me and credit for doing it first and so, yes, I would like to file a formal complaint.

I sent my friend a long, thought out, text running through our plans and all they responded was ‘k’, who do I report them to? Yes, that was all the information I needed from the response, but I would have liked them to acknowledge my effort, so definitely still going to report it.

I am disappointed I did not get the outcome I was expecting, even though I wanted it so badly, and so intensely, that by all rights the outcome of events and very fabric of the universe should have been altered in my favor. I tried to go through the troubleshooting FAQ, but I could not find what I was looking for which is why I am contacting live support.

I made a really fire tweet last night and it did not get the likes it deserved. Yes, I definitely want to open a ticket, thank-you.

My earnest attempt at communication with a loved one backfired and instead led to misunderstanding and outright conflict. If you could send someone out to take a look at it, that would be great.

I shoveled a lot of snow but it melted a little too fast for me to fully relish my accomplishment, yes I’ll hold.

I’d like submit some feedback, is this the right place for that? Great. Well, the way society is currently structured requires me to work in a manner which directly conflicts with my natural sleep cycle, but, also, I would kind of just rather not work at all. I know all of human history has had it way worse, but we have robots and computers, so I think it’d be pretty great if we could just switch over to a post scarcity society now. I think most people would agree this would be a useful upgrade.