Strangely anthropomorphized vegetable dancers, which is what you become when you go vegan. Feature an asparagus lady in a skirt in the foreground, and a lettuce person who looks like he should be haunting Ichabod Crane in the background.

How To Go Vegan

On August 10th, 2016 in Lists

  1. Frown intently and with a dissatisfaction from deep inside your heart.
  2. Place the top of your hand on your forehead
  3. Dramatically gasp at every piece of meat you see.
  4. Float around and delicately slap the dairy products from all your friend’s hands.
  5. If they protest stare nonplussed until they see the truth in your calm unblinking eyes.
  6. Eat several almonds.
  7. Congrats you’re a vegan. Enjoy your immortality and 100% justified smugness over the objective superiority of your morals.