A wounded soldier being cared for at the battle of bunker hill. Probably he was stabbed for disagreeing that Janeway is the best space captain.

Hills On Which I Will Die

On August 4th, 2016 in Lists

US customary units are the worst, they are not more intuitive they are simply the only thing you know.

Punk Emo Rock is great music and YOU are the one with no refined taste.

Hans Zimmer has not written an original song since his first score.

Rory Gilmore should have stayed in public school and had a perfectly fulfilling life away from all those destructively competitive socialites.

Radagast was a great write-in in The Hobbit movie.

Icheb’s sweaters were better than Wesley Crushers

Celery is great.

A Little Priest is not over done or too long. In fact it needs more puns.

Carrots do not belong in veggie burgers.

The West Wing was a phenomenal show for its cinematography but its writing was sub-par.