Dog chasing a man. Caption reads: Sorry you can't stop.

Sorry, I Can’t Be A Good Samaritan Because It’s Against the Law

On November 16th, 2016 in LGBT

Sorry, I’d help you cross the street but the Boy Scouts don’t like boys who like boys so you’re on your own.

Sorry, I can’t kiss your boo boo to make it better because I kiss boys.

Sorry, you’re down on your luck but the government says I can’t give you change until I change my ways

Sorry, I’d help you pick up roadside litter but I’m too busy picking up guys.

Sorry, I’d help you carry your bundle of two by fours but it’s a little too on the nose.

Sorry, I’d help you study but studies say I’m unfit for duty.

Sorry, I’d help you change your blown tire but I’ve blown one too many dudes to use a lug wrench.

Sorry I’d save your life, but I’m too busy trying to survive my own.