Two stark trek crewpeople standing in front of a schedule with the word 'FUN' blinking.

A Critical Analysis Of GIFs: Fun Voyage

On May 3rd, 2016 in Critique

This is an excellent gif pulled from the 90’s series Star Trek: Voyager*. The characters and surrounding context of the gif will be apparent only to those who have seen the show, but they are not necessary as the joke stands alone: someone has had to place “fun”, an activity generally viewed as spontaneous, into their schedule.

The gif maker has made the choice to freeze the entire frame, excepting the joke, to further highlight and draw the viewer’s attention to it. The choice serves double duty to reduce the gif’s size, and was likely also done to aide in uploading it to tumblr, given it’s pesky media size limit.  The flashing “FUN” continues in an endless loop, constantly nagging at us and begging the question: what kind of person must add fun to their calendar? The answer of course, is a “Type A” character who struggles with basic human interactions. Just imagine the hijinks! The gif is simple and lightweight, but gets a lot of creative work done informing us through its specific choices.