A Critical Analysis of GIFs: Waddup Dumbledore?

On February 11th, 2016 in Critique

Waddup Dumbledore


Here we have a gif of cultural icon Harry Potter and his mentor Dumbledore. They are somewhere in the second half of the series, where exactly does not matter. The gif artist has employed perhaps my favorite gif technique, the one that really makes them shine as a medium, of overlaying words unrelated to the scene at hand.  The word, ‘waddup’, creates a humorous dissonance for those familiar with the character as an archetypical stoic guide for our young chosen one. The words are not totally out of place, however, they are nicely anchored in the visual of Dumbledore’s body language which does indeed seem to be corroborating the artist’s phrase of choice. The timing feels a bit forced and the pedestrians in the background make it obvious how the sausage was made, but the humor is nonetheless effective.