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Friday Roundup

On January 22nd, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey folks, what’s the haps? Well,

Climate change is apparently not only melting our ice caps but also the icy hearts of republicans in congress.

The Toast is pulling no punches this week in its scrutiny of government, as Austin Gilkeson writes that Aragorn’s claim to the throne is illegitimate.

“Imagine if you found out your ancestor, thirty-seven generations prior, was the brother of an Egyptian pharaoh. Do you know what that would make you, in terms of Egyptian political succession? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”

*very democratic voice* All thrones are illegitimate and the government belongs to the people.

Scientist’s think they may have finally found Planet X  which means we once again have 8 other planets I could be on but, for some reason I am still stuck on this one.

I’m feeling pretty smug about being behind the trend on hover boards, since they are apparently slow moving death traps. (I still kind of want one tho. Let me into your cool club pls?)

Computers are writing FRIENDS scripts, so never mind, I guess I will stay on the planet.

“Chandler: (in a muffin) (Runs to the girls to cry) Can I get some presents.”

Flawless. It gets Chandler’s character better than the original writers.

Okay I could write more but, you should never work hard, so I am going to go enjoy my weekend*. Peace, suckas!
(*LOL JK, obviously. My to do list is as long as planet X might be far, so I will either be working on that or struggling to survive.)