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Friday Roundup: When One Border Closes

On February 3rd, 2017 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, everything is such a mess that even hamster society is falling apart.

To start with, last Friday the White House ordered America shut it’s borders, but America’s heart stayed open.

Also the borders did too (sort of), because turns out the executive order is probably illegal. Illegal or not it is a travesty, a fact even some GOP acknowledge.

This is, of course, where I would like to say this is not us and we are better than this. That would only be half true. It is very much who we are.

Just means it’s time for another national game of “Who Goes Nazi”. Spoiler alert: our president goes Nazi.

In a surprise twist Uber clarifies it doesn’t want to go Nazi. Funny how when you spend years developing an image as a cut throat tech company people assume you’re a…cut throat tech company.

Most of Silicon Valley declared it’s opposition to Nazis this week. Most of Silicon valley’s statements were also too little and/or too late.

Things will not get better, so we must get better.

As we accept this challenge we must also accept we are going to face losses.

We will be punished for speaking out, but we must never give up hope.

And we must never give up punching Nazis.

Happy weekend. I’m gonna go think about how if someone doesn’t have to follow your rules they’re probably your boss.