A tired child holding a tire.

Friday Roundup: Tired

On October 14th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all. It’s Friday and whew am I tired.

Tired of the ways we have to navigate our relationship with our government.

Tired of having no real historical reference for that relationship.

Tired of major publications discussing what women are wearing instead of what they are trying to accomplish.

Tired of even just tossing around the idea of white washing.

Tired of the angry letters we write and never send.

Tired of putting in the work to try and exercise empathy when it feels like no one else is.

It’s frustrating, but all we can do is talk it out.

It won’t really help, but it’s a way to process feelings than continuing to sue journalists you don’t like.

In marginally less terrible news, people have finally realized the Internet of Things is Bad.

Veggie burgers got a big investor – meat.

Twitter is such a big proponent of democracy that it is streaming TV style election coverage with BuzzFeed and also helping the state to surveil protesters.

Biometrics are poised to replace passwords. Which leaves me wondering: how do you update passwords on an aging or otherwise non conforming body?

And now we all know what lozenges are, but still please try not to give me your cold.

Happy weekend. I’m going to go look at some national gifs.