A woman leaning over a white fence in an over-sized hat, with her head cocked to the side likely due to the weight of having to perform to societies ever changing and conflicting expectations.

Friday Roundup: The Internet Of Nasty Things

On October 28th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all. What do the IoT and women have in common? They’re both often described as nasty, and this week they have both been very busy.

The internet was out for a brief moment at the end of last week, but I never logout of twitter so my computer doesn’t ever need to look up its DNS and I was fine, thanks.

Dyn’s current theory is it was a bunch of amateurs hijacking the IoT, forcing us to ask the question, “what if the internet, but too much?”.

Google has an answer: “no such thing,” as it begins to scan our inbox for information to use in targeted ads. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think you should trust corporations to stick to your best interest, even when their motto is “Don’t be e-vil”.

In my defense, even industries there to serve our self interests fail. Like Hollywood, which constantly explains how stories around POC and LGBTs are tough sells. In their defense, it is pretty soul crushing to not see yourself in the cultural mainstream.

Some might point out you can’t spell arbitrary without art, but that doesn’t make them the same word. I hope no one defines their self worth by being a main character in a book, but if you are constantly a clumsily handled prop or stereotype, it lets you know society thinks you’re nasty and you don’t belong in public.

And if you’d just prefer a man on the job, let me tell you what we on Grindr have known for quite a while: it’s not preference, it’s bigotry.

Can’t wait to finally see how a man handles intense scrutiny of their character and whispers that they are a stain on their spouse’s career.

Other nasty things from this week:

Drinking hand sanitizer.



Happy weekend. Enjoy what time you have left before we all drown in think pieces about the death of a social media icon next week. I loved Vine too but it’s gifs with sound, we’ll be okay and back to pretending permanence is a promise someone can keep in no time.