A picture of Wall Street, former seat of Robber Barons which has since been replaced with Silicon Valley

Friday Roundup: Siliconman Valley

On February 10th, 2017 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, *gestures broadly* welcome to America: land of the free market and home of the craven CEOs.

Many people are still heartbroken over the recent US election but don’t worry, Facebook is here for you.

In fact, all of Silicon Valley is ready to be our hero. Corporations are great!

They’re going to improve fast food.

They’ll stop exploitation of poor people.

They’ll resist the surveilliance state.

And they’ll end our dependency on opioids.

Truly there is nothing better than unfettered capitalism, after all rules and moderation can only stifle conversation and what better way to defend against exploitative millionaires than with the markets themselves?

But businesses aren’t the only ones fighting.

Buzzfeed is fighting against the White House and dubious facts.

Despite fake news bad reporting being labeled a right-wing problem, liberals are also fighting to separate fact from fan-fiction.

Women continue to fight trolls by rising above and letting their excellence speak for itself.

Scientists continue the push to give amputees feeling, despite that fact that this world makes most people never want to feel anything ever again.

They’re also fighting to increase transparency in local government. Which is great because the Federal government just isn’t producing that much news these days.

Happy weekend. I’m going to go brush up on my civic duties.