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Friday Roundup: Questions

On December 9th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, how you doing this week? Good? Yea, this week hasn’t been the worst which feels like a sort of victory these days.

All in all this week has been on the up and up, which has been a nice change.

There’s still a lot of questions, many still to be answered, like “Is it nice, having the privilege to ignore literal Nazis in the White House?”

Could like at least pretend you’re interested in solving your problems?

Is it because your hands are too tiny to reach the whole keyboard?

Who needs science?

If it’s not fake news do I still need to scrutinize it?

Wh-what exactly is your goal here? I mean, besides sowing discord?

But, I am trying to remember we have been proclaiming the end of times since the beginning of time, plus last time we had a would be dictator we shut it down. And, since government shutdowns are a foundational tenet of their platform, I’m feeling pretty good.

So we do what we must: carry on. Try and learn from the past and do what we can, small acts every day and big ones when we can.

To champion our government and give them the strength they need to do good things.

And to remember that throwing money at a problem doesn’t work, but putting your money where your mouth is does.

Besides, it can always be worse.

*nervous laughter* Okay well that’s not great but at least they—

*nervous laughter intensifies* The size of…

*laughter increases in pitch until only dogs can hear it*

Happy weekend. Here’s a dick pic to enjoy.