Several graves in a graveyard, all for me.

Friday Roundup: Post Mortem

On October 21st, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, It’s Friday and I am no less tired but way more caffeinated.

Which is why I can’t stop fidgeting. At least, I assume it’s nervous energy from the caffeine, and not the fact that the police have an extensive facial recognition system on everyone, and the FBI is having Yahoo scan our E-MAILS.


Or, the drones flying billboards across our windshields while driving.

Or that the Donald is no longer threatening democracy only in theory.

He’s not wrong though, the election is being rigged: by the GOP. What do Gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement have in common? They’re both what I would guess are the reason we’re not that high on the Democracy Index.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I try not to be the kind of person who has a favor done for them and then complains it could have been done better, but here are people who will get no thanks from me this week:

The revolving door of high school guidance counselors I had, another reminder of how very easily I could have slipped through the cracks in our education system.

Canadian thankfulness. Canada please. We are perfectly capable of constructing our own narrative of exceptionalism. Also, I am no foreign affairs expert, but I do not think talking about how great other nations are is the best way to protect your sovereignty.

Exxon Mobile, for putting a video in my Snapchat about how eco-friendly they want to be, and then releasing a statement about how happy they are to burn more fossil fuels.

These scientists who determined jellyfish born in space get vertigo on Earth. Man, I was born on this planet and *I* get vertigo on it. It’s a terrible place and you should have kept them away from here.

Mark Zuckerberg for his attempted diversity. Despite how Silicon Valley never wants to lower the bar to meet diversity standards, Facebook has literally kicked the bar onto the floor for Peter Thiel so he could consider Trump “as a whole” and not just based on his “racism, sexism, xenophobia or…sexual assault”. Which makes sense, because who among us hasn’t’ pulled a piece of food out of the trash to eat because it was mostly fine.

If you’re new here on the internet and want a nice concise summary of Peter Thiel, and Silicon Valley in general, he’s a good short pod by Casey Johnston.

The state of Kansas, for the thoughtful removal of their citation of the Dred Scott case in defense of banning abortions.

And Great Britain, for posthumously pardoning the gay men they persecuted. I don’t thank people for doing what they’re supposed to, especially when their work is subpar.

Things I AM thankful for?


And Sleep.

Really anything I can do from my bed, which is where I am going to spend the weekend to recover from this week.

Happy weekend.