A Gallaher's Cigarettes illustration showing the schematics of a bomb.

Friday Roundup: Two And A Half Minutes To Midnight

On January 27th, 2017 in Quibbles

Hey y’all. Winter’s a little more bearable these days due to climate change, but the sunset of civilization still comes way too early for my taste.

Sometimes, I get very stressed out because we elected an actual Nazi government.

Then I remember they can’t even plan an event without plagiarizing cakes.

But, while it’s nice his executive orders might be unworkable, the intention is there. They said, “wait and see what he does”. Well, I see the America he promised from the start of his campaign taking shape.

At least we are finally running our government like a business, though: obfuscating everything and rewarding the rich. The question remains, then, “what do we do”?

We shame them. For their tiny hands, their tiny crowds, their tiny vocabularies, and their big lies.

If we’re fortunate enough to be able to do so, we also stop supporting sympathetic businesses.

And shaming them will work, because they know what they’ve done is wrong. They wouldn’t be building condo complexes in missile silos if they didn’t.

It’s the least we can do, since, for some reason, no one is going to prosecute them for using personal email accounts for official business.

Though some would tell you to weep for the sad state of democracy, far better to wake up and take action, I say. If those in power will not hold each other accountable then we must.

Though there is much work to do in order to confront our white lies, we are not alone.

Coastal liberal elites from across the nation gathered to send the President a big f…eminist message.

States have rights. Hopefully more than two try to exercise them.

But it will be work, and given the chance they will game the system. But then, progress never just happens on its own.

Happy Weekend. Tomorrow is Saturday, bitch.