Woman seeting forlornly in a garden. Words above say "Only Tired. My own song."

Friday Roundup

On March 11th, 2016 in Quibbles

I am writing with my window open, it is almost 80 degrees and it is WONDERFUL. All is right with the world, we will never feel pain or sadness again, and it makes me feel like this might actually have been a good week, but, of course, it still managed to fall short.

This week occurs in the year of our Lord twenty sixteen and yet our more competent representatives still find themselves fighting LGBT discrimination laws in Missouri.

While I hope those Missouri Democrats never stop talking, I cannot say the same for men. Guys: if you need to talk about your feelings write a journal or start a blog like the rest of us.

Somewhere between the mounds of emotional work being put on her by terrible colleagues, however, scientist Vivienne Ming managed to calculate the cost of not being a straight white man.

Good news though: Millennials are the most well off generation ever!

Oh wait, no: millennials should be the most well-off, but we’re not. In fact, we’re the worst off ever. Guess that was bad news too, sorry.

Now for some hot takes from this week:

Email is bad.

Twitter could be better.

Bay leaves are a lie.

Angry activism is great.

WaWa is amazing and there is not a single treasure on this planet more precious.

Happy weekend.