Garbage on fire.

Friday Roundup

On February 26th, 2016 in Quibbles

Well it’s been another flaming garbage pile of a week, but let’s keep this brief because, as The Awl reminds us, words are bad.

The great pacific garbage patch nearly doubled in size this week as Australian PM Malcom Turnbull gave in to Australian Christian Lobby calls to defund an anti-bullying program aimed at helping LGBTI kids, announcing an investigation into the program.

Not to be outdone, Gov. Pat McCory of North Carolina, along with GOP state legislators, celebrated Charlotte city council’s passage of an anti-LGBT discrimination bill by threatening legislation of their own to overturn it, championing for the defense of citizens against government overreach by overreaching local government.

While GOP legislators in North Carolina are clamoring to do more than their job, those in DC are refusing to do theirs. All this in the hope that they can replace Antonin Scalia, the literal worst. Say what you will about the Justice but, not to me.

You know who was not the worst, apparently? Good guy, Jeb Bush. That he had to drop out of the race to get the first positive piece written about him is the kind of sad that fits right in with his campaign.

I could go on about our Trashlords and their bad decisions, but let’s shift gears, because Sarah Miller is right: indignant rage tends to be a solitary experience.

Apple continues to fight back against the FBI.  

Which is good since soon data as intimate as whether or not you floss is going to be on your phone, for some reason. Watching performance footage is a very good way to improve, though, so probably we should embrace it.

But better, would be to embrace diversity.  Remember, though, it is not enough to hug diversity, you must actively work towards it.

And yet, for all the darkness, the world is still full of tremendous beauty

Also we are being gifted with a Planet Earth season 2! Which will be great to watch, especially after we destroy our planet.

Anyway, happy weekend, and remember to choose your words wisely.