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Friday Roundup

On February 19th, 2016 in Quibbles

Another week in which I failed to learn my lesson and made the mistake of logging on to the internet.

The tech world continues to surprise no one with its lack of consideration for women as Molly Dickens reports from CES that they’ve set up an entire conference without setting aside so much as closet space for mothers to pump or feed.

Insurance companies are also partnering with ‘Wellness Firms’, which definitely don’t sound like a bad sci-fi villain corporation, even a little, to use big data to determine employee health and chance of pregnancy, which definitely will not be abused by employers, and is for the patient’s benefit and not insurer’s bottom line, promise.

Some good news though: Randi Harper solved Twitter’s problems. Unfortunately, she doesn’t work for them, but I hear there are some high level positions open.

The tire fire that is our political system continues to rage on as South Dakota becomes the first state to pass anti-transgender student bathroom laws. Hope you enjoy having that fun factoid burdening your history books and ALSO YOUR SOUL for all eternity.

Ezekiel Kweku takes a very insightful look into what makes a person want to vote for a racist businessman and why the issue is bigger than one candidate, in one election.

“They believe that the United States is decaying from within, its strength sapped by a culture unmoored from the ideals that made America great, and that the source of this rot is immigrants who don’t understand American values, depress the country’s wages, drain government coffers, and increase crime. They believe that in this weakened state, America isn’t strong enough to fight off terrorists abroad or infiltrators within. They are haunted by the amorphous fear that the America they knew is vanishing. And they believe establishment politicians and the press are too cowed, calculated, or corrupted to either voice these truths publicly or act upon them.”

And lest you doubt this wise man, the number of hate groups in the US is up 14% from last year.

Speaking of He Who Must Not Be Named, Jaya Saxena at The Toast would like to remind us to hear both sides and that it’s #NotAllSlytherins

But, even though we live in a world where Seth Rogan and Josh Hutcherson are making a show with the world’s most unneeded protagonist, a boring (probably straight) white man who plays video games, there are people somehow finding the strength to fight back.

Oregon made direct eye contact with South Dakota and every conservative in the country as Gov. Kate Brown signed a law that automatically registers its citizens to vote, muttering passive aggressively, “See how fucking hard it was to just be inclusive? Not at all.”

Meanwhile, Louisville Democratic State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian introduced House Bill 396,

“…which would require Viagra users to get a signed note from their wives and make two visits to the doctor before being able to obtain a prescription.”

and leaves me wondering why, as a man, there are even jobs available to me when clearly there are so many women out there who are just going to do a much better job than anyone else.

Even Corporate America stepped up as Apple’s Tim Cook issued a letter stating he wasn’t going to comply with the FBI’s request that he hack every iPhone for the government to exploit. 

What a rollercoaster of a week. I am now going to go take my own advice and log off, happy weekend y’all.