A pile of garbage.

Friday Roundup

On August 12th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, let’s see what’s causing the weird smells coming from the trash fire this week.

Likely it’s from the evidence police departments have thrown out regarding arrests that have led to death, since they weren’t required to keep them until now

The lack of records isn’t a big loss though, since, like selling guns on Facebook, the rules don’t apply.

Hard to believe we have trust issues with law enforcement. It’s a tough job, though I’ll admit, and we should be supporting them with the resources and training to handle these situations. Shouldn’t be hard to find a precinct to pilot some programs. Like Baltimore PD has room in their scedule, what with performing 44% of their stops on 11% of the city, they save a lot of time on commuting.

As always, the executive branch stand with it’s officers. It stands there right in the muck with them, as aids reveal Chris Christie openly lied about orchestrating bridgegate. A stupid mistake for his equally stupidly named scandal.

The truth was leaked through a series of texts, which reminds us nothing is private on the internet, not even your privates.

So that means if Nico Hines decides to out Olympic athletes who live in socially repressive countries and publish it on the Daily Beast he can. But it’s all in good international fun, his editors make a few bucks, those gay Olympians got lucky and found the biggest dick on Grindr that night.

The moral of the story is never log on the internet. Certainly not Twitter, which was pretty much set up for trolls. Allowing anyone to say anything they want, no matter how racist or violent all in the name of free speech. Unless it’s towards the President.

But it’s fine.

There are some allies out there.

At least we’re able to look forward to the new Star Trek, with a female lead. Sort of, she’s only going to be ranked a Lt. so it’s a demotion. Can’t wait to see what kind of sassy councilor they think qualifies as a gay lead.

And of course, there’s always overnight oats, whether you want it or not. Always

Happy weekend. Enjoy a drink. Or two. But no more than that.