Meryl Streep in an american flag dress, arms outstretched at a podium.

Friday Roundup

On July 29th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all. It’s week two of political conventions, which makes me glad we have only a two party system for once.

This week’s convention is being directed by the Democrats and in a rare turn of events the sequel is actually better. But that’s not really hard when the bar to beat is “don’t inspire the KKK to run for office”.

But overall the DNC was pretty fire, and Mallory Ortberg could not handle the heat.

The real winner of the DNC, though, was Michelle Obama. More valuable than a stick of gum in a middle school class, she is a national treasure I would not trade for the world.  Every critically engaged thought I have about this country and this election evaporate the moment she walks on stage and her words fill me with hope and the desire to live up to her vision of this country. 

Whew. Sorry about that. Sirens are real, Michelle Obama is one, and I would listen to her song unto the end of days.

That is why we must tie ourselves to the mast and be careful we don’t get caught up in the romantic idea of democracy.

The system is broken and the system needs changing. If we do not make measured changes, if we do not protect the system we have set up, who will protect us from it?

So if you want to make a change make sure you vote. And if you want to do more, don’t worry there’s an app for that. Nothing says “road to the White House” like push notifications and game invites from friends you haven’t talked to in years.

While the DNC was figuring out which trash bags were going to replace the ones currently on Capitol Hill, there was plenty of other garbage being shovelled around.

Twitter is moving into video. Which is great, can’t wait for the misogynist rants on their platform to finally have audio.

Blizzard is getting death threats, but unlike a woman when they report it someone takes action.

Australia is abusing aboriginal teens.

And here in the United States we refuse to reprimand cops abuse of power, failing to convict a single person in the killing of Freddy Grayson.

Some would argue there’s been worse years, but to them I say: I didn’t have to live through any of them so this is still objectively worse.

But, hey. They’ve completed the first solar powered circumnavigation of the globe. So there’s hope we may still have a planet to ruin each other’s lives on for generations to come, after all.

Happy weekend. I can’t clean up this mess of a world, so I’m gonna clean up my books instead.