Women on knees bunching her shift up to her face. Caption underneath reads, "She began to sob vehemently"

Friday Roundup

On July 8th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all. Or those of y’all still with us anyway.

Those we’ve lost this week include:

250 in Baghdad, and

20 in Bangladesh, both a result of ISIS, who can no more be considered Muslims than the KKK can be considered Christian.

Alton Sterling in Louisiana, shot for carrying a weapon legally, and

Philando Castile in Minnesota, shot for a broken tail light.

Both were shot for being black.

And, despite the fact that the UK has to Marie Kondo its entire government, this doesn’t happen in European countries.

I could do a shitty round up of police deaths literally every day but thankfully Fatal Encounters already tracks this because I barely let myself on the internet today and I still want to lay on the floor and never get up again.

We’ve got so many civilians to bury, it’s a good thing we’ve developed a green alternative to cremation.

That will also come in handy when the super athletes at the Olympics bring the super bacteria in the Brazilian water home with them.

But, amid countless deaths from defenders that think the best defense is a good offense, The Verge reports on the biggest tragedy of all: having to answer your email.

Reader, I’m gonna level with you: the problem with technology and society has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with you. Organize your goddamn shit.

Turn off your notifications, and keep your phone on silent. Then, when Friday finally comes, throw your phone into the mouth of the bay and collect it two days later when it drifts back to your house.  This way you can some get some offline time to make room for some empathy and a wider awareness of world around you.

The good news is we still have women in the world, despite all our best efforts to drive them away.

They are fighting for us.

They are inspiring us.

And, they are making us laugh, despite everything.

Try and have a happy weekend.