A stree riot. Police chase bystanders away from a burning crate with billy clubs.

Friday Roundup

On June 24th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey, y’all. Another Friday, another, roundup.

This week we are reminded of several things:

College is too expensive.

Twitter is better when you don’t Engage.

And the Democratic party is full of liberals.

Those same hippies staged a sit-in in the House of Representatives to protest inaction on gun reform legislation, and when speaker Paul Ryan shut off their cameras, CSPAN began broadcasting from periscope. What a time to be alive.

But, before you give them too much credit, lets remember this is a political stunt for a trash bill, and we need to have more nuanced discussion about these issues.

Also making a big play this week in our government’s constant competition to make terrible decisions, the FDA approved a bulimia pump in less time than it takes me to choose a meal.

While, to secure police officer’s sizeable lead in the race to the bottom, NYPD commissioner Bratton said they don’t owe the LGBT community an apology for Stonewall. I have another four letters for you, Brat: GTFO.

Before we go I leave you with a riddle: If a talk show host skewers a political people over an issue but no one is around to hear it, does it make a difference?

Happy weekend. I’m gonna go log off for a few days.