A pride of lions sad and mourning.

Friday Roundup

On June 17th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all. We did it, we made it through the week, and though we had to fjord through a river of refuse to get here we should be glad; we are the lucky ones.

That article, like many released in the deluge of news when an attack occurs, claims “unclear motives”. As if the reason why someone walks into a sanctuary and shoots up the congregation is something that can only be sussed out with the the resources of an entire government bureau.

There was an overwhelming response to the attacks by the community as local emergency response agencies put out a call for blood donors. But many were forced to simply watch, unable to help their friends because the Slytherins in charge of the FDA will accept only the purest of blood.

Latinx LGBT couldn’t even have one night to be themselves, and the hurt didn’t end when they went home. Many who survived were injured. Many will be outed as a result, putting their relationship, jobs, and well being at further risk.

Once again, we are reminded there is no such thing as a safe city for queer people.

I am a very open person (and in a privileged position to be so), but always with trepidation because the fact of the matter is, being LGBT is still a radical act in the year of our lord twenty sixteen, and I live in a country that foreign governments warn their LGBT citizens about visiting.

If only there was a way to figure out gun control and help minimize senseless deaths.

While comedians continue to skewer the current non-policy on gun violence, democrats in congress are also getting impatient.

House democrats broked decorum to do their best Clara Peller impressions and shout “Where’s the bill?”, while senator Chris Murphy protested useless moments of silence by not shutting up for 15 hours. It is a small step, rooted more in fear of terrorism than a proper solution, but hopefully it is the first step on a thousand mile journey to gun reform.

Happy weekend. And I do mean that: be happy, be proud, and be yourself. If they’re going to punish you for it anyway, might as well lean in.