Trash and debri piled up from a collapsed barn.

Friday Roundup

On June 10th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all. I’d ask how your week is going, I mean, besides terribly, but Blackberry already told me.

That’s right, the future is here and it’s awful. And along with technology companies happy to comply with the surveillance state it also brings bots that artificially inflate theater ticket prices.

Actually, that’s fine though because art is terrible, as evidenced by its constant desire to keep casting white people in roles for POC.

At least the primaries are over! That means we only have five more months of restraining ourselves from clawing out our eyes to avoid having to read another Mic article about what a candidate tweeted and why it’s insane.

Though the Republican nominee has been known for a while, this week Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic Party’s nomination. What a time to be alive! I took 238 years, but change happens slowly and we have made progress despite everything that would hold us back.

However, despite his crushing and total defeat on all counts, Sanders refused to step down. But, I can’t really say I’m surprised — I don’t know any other loud-mouthed straight man that’s ever stopped talking about how, actually, they know what’s best for me just because I was tired of listening to them.

Speaking of of obscenely rich New Yorkers, wealthy Manhattanites are buying second apartments in the city they already live in. I hate to break it to you, but no amount of square footage is going to let you avoid the ennui of existence. Y’all need to find Jesus, or a hobby, or something, for that.

Also, I don’t know how sound of an investment island apartments are these days, what with the ice caps continuing to melt at alarming rates.

Could be worse, though: you could be trying to survive this shit-storm of a planet AND be a teenager.

Or a teenager of color.

Though, fortunately, they’ve got a bunch of father’s of daughters looking out for them, since we refuse to follow through with sentencing rapists.

But hey, at least all these terrible stories get a lot of shares.

Crass though it may be, at least Buzzfeed is not making any money from the GOP.

Plus, Obama is working with India to build on the Montreal protocol in order to regulate HFCs and combat climate change.

And, despite everything, the kids are alright.


I’m off to check out Microsoft’s new Planner app, so I can lay out how I’m never going to use one of their products ever again. Happy weekend.