Garbage that hasn't been picked up in weeks piled on the curb.

Friday Roundup: Party Like It’s 1984

On August 26th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, let’s see what treasure we can find in this dumpster dive of a week.

Oh, we must be in the NSA’s trash because I found all their unreported intelligence on digital security vulnerabilities.

They’re still ahead of the curve though, since their leaks only make them look a fool, which is more than can be said for the latest Wikileaks publication revealing sensitive data about private citizens, their sexuality, medical files, and their finances. Turns out vigilantes make better movies than heroes.

But, Wikileaks is just one dirtbag in the entire gardening store that is the internet. For instance, the racist attack on Leslie Jones’ website, once again punishing her for being a successful black woman.

Or the rabbit hole that is Clinton health truthers. It would explain why she cares so much about artificially inflated medicine prices.

I’d say take a break and go outside but police are still shooting people indiscriminately out there and the courts are too busy regulating where you take a dump to do anything about it, so maybe just sit near a window and read a book or something.

The metaphorical out of control fire provides a nice parallel to the actual slow cooker that is our planet.

But the northwest passage is open, so at least we have that going for us.

Good news though, next time a skeptic asks see the receipts for climate change you can skip the argument and send them right onto ignoring the primary sources themselves since NASA is opening all its publications to the public.

Since we’re all getting baked on this planet, here’s a few things to chill out about and take a little less seriously:

Video games

Twitter verification

Presidential debates.

Happy weekend. I’m off to prepare for my 20 year journey to the nearest habitable planet that isn’t this one.