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Friday Roundup

On May 20th, 2016 in Quibbles

Happy Friday y’all. And, I say “happy” because I refuse to learn from past experiences.

This week we are reminded that nationalism ruins everything: It ruined Venezuela.

It ruined Nelson Mandela’s life.

And, it is making an already unbearable election cycle even worse.

And every head on the hydra is male. But, finally, men are getting a chance to explain themselves to the world, thanks to NY Mag’s new column, Beta Male. Boldly taking on:

“…the end of men … or only the beginning?”

The former, I hope.

In a world in which when you stand up to point out injustices they criticize you for not standing up straight enough, I can’t help but feel a column intended to break down gender norms by focusing on all the “typical male obsessions” is counter productive.

Men: why must we ruin everything?

The only thing I fear more than men in power is antibiotic abuse, but at least someone has a plan for that.

Whatever, let the super bacteria come, and let the planet boil; it’s probably for the best.

Even my good news is tainted this week, as I am forced to include Twitter for doing something not the worst, for once.

The Department of Education is granting Pell Grants for HS Students to take college courses early.  But, it probably won’t be enough since the cost of being a first generation student is extremely prohibitive, even under the most generous of circumstances.  It is nice to open doors, but you also have to remember the door weighs 100 tons, so unlocking it is not enough.

At least we can rest a little easier this week, since we finally know what a millennial is.

Can’t wait for my wearable exosuit to power-walk as far away from this mess as possible. In the meantime, I’m gonna go build my new bike. Happy weekend.