Bride and groom facing a scowling man. Wife also giving a side eye.

Friday Roundup

On May 13th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, I know it’s my week off, but there is no hovel deep enough in the woods for me to retreat to in order to avoid the awfulness of the world, so let’s just lean into it.

Islands are disappearing, but it’s okay because we’ve set up a green climate fund to aid struggling nations. Except, it’s not so much a “fund” as a “loan”. That’s right: the west is charging people interest to solve problems we created. Can’t you just hear Ayn Rand cackling with glee in her grave?

Speaking of unfettered capitalism, Uber and Lyft are pulling out of Austin after they decided to burden them with unreasonable standards like background checking their drivers and obeying basic traffic laws.

Not much else going on with the government this week, since the Federal government is busy suing the North Carolina government, who is busy suing them back. Probably why even Emma Watson was able to hide money offshore.

The media is apparently also on vacation this week, with OUT using another straight white man on their cover.

Though, to be fair, GQ did write a stunning feature piece on the fragility of masculinity.

The Hollywood Reporter also finally found a man willing to speak up about Woody Allen’s abusive past. If only someone had spoken sooner.

But, it is a short work week for me so I am in a good mood despite myself. and I can’t help but feel there is hope.

Amazon is addressing its racist delivery system.

Emoji developers are pushing for better representation.

Kickstarter is a public benefit corporation.

And the NYTimes is making more revenue from subscriptions than advertisements. While not a new model, it is nice to see it scale and my heart swells for the potential of an advertising free future. It almost makes me feel like maybe capitalism isn’t the worst! (Lol nah, it is.)

Anyway, I’m going to go be boring as fuck. Happy weekend.