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Friday Roundup

On April 29th, 2016 in Quibbles

Hey y’all, what’s cooking? I mean, besides our planet.

Well, though millennials think capitalism’s goose is cooked, it appears that it’s here to stay as the FCC allows Time-Warner to be acquired in a super-merger. The catch? They can’t impose data caps on customers. Well, not for seven years, anyway.

Bitcoin has also failed to disrupt the capitalist system, but perhaps it can be salvaged for parts.

Which is a bummer since capitalism has plenty of downsides: like working at a startup or having terrible infrastructure.

But, hey, at least things in the media are starting to look up.

Except for Twitter.

Tennessee governor, Bill Haslam, is signed a law allowing licensed counselor to turn away LGBT people seeking their services. Extra terrible because if there’s ever a time you need someone to talk to it’s when your own government is insistent on reminding you you don’t matter.

Some good news though: a North Carolina minister is turning up the heat on the United Methodist Church as he plans to officiate a gay marriage despite church position.

So, who knows, maybe everything isn’t terrible, and we’ll get lucky. Even though we don’t deserve to, since we ruin every good.

Happy weekend, y’all. I’m going to go rewatch Beyoncé’s new album that dropped this week but I will offer no hot takes on it, read these ones instead.