Trash strewn hills with dead trees and several headstones.

Friday Roundup

On April 22nd, 2016 in Quibbles

Another Friday of another garbage week.  An optimist might remind us that things will get better, and a pessimist would be sure they can only get worse. However, I would offer to both of them that the dystopian future is now and providing plenty enough bad for any future.

The CIA should share some of its surveillance tricks with the internet, as the history of moderation on the internet is mostly one of failing to be able to watch everyone and issuing reactionary responses as a result. Part of that, as Buni and Chemaly report, is because it’s a hard job but mostly,

“Many companies…will not engage in robust moderation until it will cost them not to”

So, I guess for now we’re just stuck with the occasional live streaming of rapes as the price of using platforms, since nobody takes abuse and harassment seriously and we would rather publicly shame the victims.

If that made you as world weary as me, good news: the world won’t be around long because the planet is dying. And, maybe coral reefs dying doesn’t resonate much with you, but don’t worry: soon we’ll all be hot and bothered.

PSA Reminders:

Your New York values can be purchases at 7-11.

Hollywood is sexist.

Blackface is racist, even if it’s digital.

Andrew Jackson was a genocidal president.

Man, “living like this is hard to do”. Happy weekend y’all.