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Friday Roundup

On April 15th, 2016 in Quibbles

Well despite my vocal protests and the objective unworthiness of society, the world still exists and time continues. I almost can’t believe it. But, enough about me.

Those in Washington who claim their favorite pronouns is ‘you’, despite all the evidence to the contrary, are drafting an ecyption bill to force compliance of people and companies when a court orders access to their data. All this prompting us to once again wonder whether democracy really is the best choice for form of government

Further making the case that politicians are just memoir writers with the force of law behind them, when asked how they were going to fight for LGBT rights in the face of state resistance to equality lead democratic nominees Clinton and Sanders both responded, “Idk probably just vote for me and we’ll see how it works out,” while looking distractedly at polling numbers and muttering something about “already secured votes”.

Say what you will about porn sites, but at least they are honest and embrace their identity as a venue for self satisfaction.  And they are still doing more in the fight for LGBT rights than some of our state leaders.

Of course, porn sites like xHamster are not unique, the entire internet is a vacuous pit of self absorption, which was fine for a while, but it looks like Narcissus is about fall into the lake and drown.

Which is probably for the best, since the internet is full of people like Stephen Marche who insist on defending places like “The Red Pill” subreddit. Or that’s what I assume he was doing I stopped reading his piece on the Observer this week once I got to his central claim that “maybe douche canoes on the internet aren’t douche canoes irl?”

Which is ridiculous, because even IF we accept that the internet and irl are different, turns out nowhere is safe from the cesspit of the internet, not even irl.

And what a cesspit it is; even our search engines are racist.

Oh, what a random tweet by Ashley Ford (which you should read the whole thread of) that I am now randomly going to use to segue to this piece on the role chance plays in success. What are the odds??

Anyway, everything is precarious and nothing is certain, except that nothing is fair. Happy weekend.