Man circa the renaissance stamping his foot and frowning.

Friday Roundup

On April 8th, 2016 in Quibbles

What’s good y’all? That was a trick question: nothing is ever good.

Facebook certainly isn’t, as it continues to drag it’s feet enforcing copyright of videos and harming primarily independent makers.

Though, I guess it’s a moot point, since the internet’s not funny.

Parental leave in this country continues to be not good, but the San Francisco city board passed a law requiring companies to pay for parental leave. With almost two million workers in the bay area that’s like a whole half a percent of our population with paid parental leave. What a time to be alive!!

Writers portraying gay characters are still not doing a good job of it, insisting on continuing to bury their gays.

Speaking of burying gays: don’t make HIV/AIDS jokes.

I can see why they might be confused about whether that is okay, though. Mississippi just passed a bill allowing discrimination based on sexual orientation.  The irony is they have two flaccid penises of the letter ‘p’ rubbing up against each other in their very state’s name.

Turns out habitat for humanity is also not good, helping gentrify New York rather than aid the poor.

Government surveillance is not good. But, WhatsApp upping its encryption is.

Well that’s all the not good I can take.  I’m going to go be a millennial (also not good) and assemble my Target book shelves. Stay knowing of the cognitive dissonance of attempting to create a social justice band-aid out of a phrase coopted from the very community you are purporting to support, y’all.