Friday Roundup

On April 1st, 2016 in Quibbles

Another awful week and still no one has managed to find a way to finally get the remaining Republican candidates to literally fight each other. What is is going to take?

Our candidates may make excellent cases for man repellant, but at least our current White House is taking a stand against injustice against LGBT in South Carolina. Actually, it was less of a stand and more of a mumble without turning around in the chair to look at the offenders, with Obama’s Press Secretary saying,

“Like so many others across the country, we are concerned about the potential harmful impact of this law, especially on transgender youth, and believe it is mean-spirited and sends the wrong message,”

“MEAN-SPIRITED”. No, Mr. Earnest, mean-spirited is when I throw my friend off the edge of the level in Super Mario 3D world because I’m jealous of his crown. That is a codified hate crime.

Meanwhile, the White House’s neighbors at the DOJ have withrdrawn from the San Bernadino hacking case, and probably hoping no one notices they’re still pursuing a less publicized case in NY.

Twitter is still the worst.

mean kids

Neck and neck, however, is Microsoft’s development team as their AI tweetbot went off the rails. Again.

Really makes me look forward to the future of advertising when I have to fend off brand bots

In the meantime we can all practice fending off unwanted interactions by figuring out how to block News Genius from annotating your website.  It’s like they’ve never been on Twitter and seen what kind of interactions an unsolicited comment section brings.

Well that’s all I’ve got, I’m going to go try and bleach the word ‘skinbow’ from my mind. Happy weekend.