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Friday Roundup

On March 25th, 2016 in Quibbles

Oh man what a week. Last week’s lack of excitement was apparently just the quiet before the trash compactor got turned on.


Meanwhile, Instagram’s fun to hang out with, but honestly kind of lost in life and we hope he finds himself sooner rather than later, cousin, Twitter, is backtracking on its plan to allow extended tweets.

Twitter, by the way is ten years old this week. So, to celebrate the Verge did a Twitter Retrospective. Though, I don’t know why they wrote about Twitter’s abuse issues in the past tense, since Twitter is still full of awful people.

While Twitter is willfully ignorant of its abusers, others are actively aspiring to be their own super villains. Like Facebook, mining private data from cancer organizations.

Katie Rose Guest Pryal shared her experience with the consequences of resisting a Professor’s advances.

Yet people still wonder why academia fails to recruit more women. This, of course, is not unique to academia and many companies fail to recruit and retain women. Fortunately, Ann Friedman has one cool trick for keeping your female employees from quitting.

If you think all this sounds exhausting you’d be right: turns out, women need more sleep than men but it has nothing to do with hormones and stuff and more to do with their husbands and stuff.

While North Carolina affirms its allegiance to the United Landfills of America the World Psychiatric Association, the largest professional organization of the field, denounced conversion therapies.

Even Pres. Obama called for acceptance as he became the first sitting president in nearly a century to visit Cuba. But, apparently he is not interested in being that great of friends, since he made Raúl Castro sit through a baseball game.

Well I’m gonna go watch House of Cards and actually enjoy people being horrible for a change. Happy weekend y’all.