A man in tattered clothes biting his nails while looking at a dog. Caption reads, "I am in doubt...". Which, like, join the club amirite?

Feelings of Self Doubt Ranked

On July 14th, 2016 in Lists

  1. Wondering if you should have chosen another starter in Pokémon
  2. Suspecting your work project is doomed to failure and will probably end your career.
  3. Not talking to someone for literally a day and assuming they hate you now.
  4. Mispeaking during the beginning of your presentation and realizing you are not qualified to be speaking here. Or ever.
  5. Handing in a test and re-answering questions in your head.
  6. Maybe this is not the way to properly assemble the furniture and it is going to fall apart.
  7. Probably it’s too late for a walk now.